Why We’re Always Saying: “Be Careful Crossing the Streets!”

Living in Downtown certainly has its benefits. Most of what we need is close by and easy to get to. Good urban planning can always get better. But, as much as we walk or bike in our environment…or plan and build great transit centers…around the country and the city, the car is king. Here’s a example from a recent study.

According to “Bicycling and Walking in the United States: 2012 Benchmarking Report” published by The Alliance for Biking & Walking:

12 percent of trips in the U.S. are by bike or foot and 14 percent of traffic fatalities are bicyclists and pedestrians. Yet pedestrian and bicycle projects receive less than 2 percent of federal transportation dollars.

Kind of drives home the point, doesn’t it? If you’re interested, the full report is here.