Aoba to Open on Blake Street in March!

Taking over and re-making the space that was Organixx, Aoba Japanese Restaurant plans a March opening. The contribution to the neighborhood: Sushi, of course, along with unique noodle dishes “not available in Denver” according to one of the owners. And, they plan on serving small plates of Japanese tapas, sake and Japanese beer. Aoba means greenery in Japanese.

Ummm, Sushi!

Aoba joins other independent and locally owned restaurants on the block of Blake between 15th and 16th. Still vacant is the space that 8 Rivers occupied until a few months ago. So the current and soon-to-be food mix of that one side of one Downtown block includes Indian, Japanese, Tavern, Fresh Beer, Mexican and Weinerese. Not to mention Cholon’s Asian across the street. Something for everyone and not a pizza on the block!