Talking Points: Meet Bill Chrismer. The Road to Holiday Good Looks Starts Here!

Frequently, we’ll introduce you to someone you may, or may not know who lives in Downtown Denver. And, we’ll ask that person five questions…always the same. But, we’re sure to get a lot of different answers!  Let us know what you think. All of our “Talking Points” profiles are archived for easy reference at the page above…with the same name!

Bill Chrismer is a former investment banker turned shopkeeper at GQ Barber Lounge.  He lives in the Ice House and is the guy in a suit you see zipping around Lodo on a scooter.  He loves the energy and vitality of lower downtown Denver. And, if he’s not out on the street in front of his shop practicing throwing trash in the can, he’s sure to be out helping someone in Lower Downtown…or at least giving his opinion!

Bill Chrismer, taking Your Good Looks Seriously!

He’s not easy to catch, but we hung out at enough social events to get our questions answered.

What is the best thing about living Downtown?

The convenience of being able to live, work and play without ever having to get in your car is a dream.

What has been the biggest change while you have lived Downtown?

The perception and reality of parking continues to get worse for residents and guests alike.

What don’t we have now that we need Downtown?

Certainly more retail and we desperately a Walmart (OMG I did not mean that).  I meant to say need a grocery store.

What’s your favorite place to go away from Downtown?

I Love sneaking up to Frisco.  It’s so close and yet far enough a way to escape for an afternoon or extended weekend.  But please don’t tell a soul.

Tell us something about yourself most people wouldn’t know.

Although I spend my days curating as Head Sweeper and Storyteller at GQ Barber Lounge at 17th and Wazee (plug), I am also a ballroom dancer.

And, no doubt Bill will be stepping out for the holidays! Meet him!