So this Grasshopper Walks into a Bar…

We’ve been invaded! And, our dog can’t possibly eat all of them. So, let’s get to know our new neighbors!

Grasshoppers, as we all know, are insects of the suborder Caelifera in the order Orthoptera. And, thousands of them have recently arrived Downtown. The place is hopping.

Trying to make conversation with the new neighbors, we think they may have come from the recent Grasshopper Festival in Augusta, Kansas. This annual event celebrates the long love/hate relationship that Kansans have had with the critters. Actually, it’s just a Friday night Bar-B-Que with some music.

Augusta, birthplace of Madelyn Dunham who was Barack Obama’s Grandmother, is just east of Wichita in an area often infested with real big grasshopper issues. They ate the whole town one time.

Another Kansas town, Grasshopper Falls, petitioned the Kansas Legislature to change the name because of all the bad things associasted with the bugs. The Legislature finally agreed to change the name…to Sautrelle Falls. Once the townspeople found out the new name was just French for grasshopper, they rebelled. They now live in Valley Falls, a rather mundane solution we think.

We can take another look at these invaders and consider how well thought of they are in some cultures. In Mexico you can find them at street vendors raw, sun-dried, fried or flavored with spices, chile, garlic, lime…even in some soups and fillings. Not the grasshopper pie you may be thinking of. The King Tut people liked them, too.

Even though folklore contains tales of grasshoppers so big that chickens ran for cover thinking them to be hawks, these guys are really little. But, they jump good.

Why are they in the city, not in the grass? Could it be some confusion with all the MMJ shops about? Do they know we don’t have many birds? Well, the dog likes them!

So, this grasshopper walks into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, “Say, you’re a grasshopper. We have a drink named after you.” “Really,” the grasshopper replied, “You have a drink named ‘Larry’?”

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  • Peggi

    I’ve only been in Denver for 4 years and never saw these guys until this year. I thought it was because I’ve got tomoato plants out on the deck — that’s where they like to hang out. Sometimes they pop right into the building. If I want nature, I’ll go outside!