Views of Union Station

Last Night at the MCA Luminocity Gala, Union Station

Then…and When. Two teams competing to redevelop the Regional Transportation District’s historic Denver Union Station building will present their proposals at a public event on Thursday, Nov. 3.

The presentations will begin at 6:15 at the Convention Center. One proposal will come from Union Station Neighborhood Company and is expected to be a combination of office and retail use, with talk of a “market” concept. Continuum and East/West Partners are involved in that.

The other presentation will put forth the idea of a boutique hotel use of the building, with a restaurant and other services. That is coming from the Union Station Alliance, involving Dana Crawford, Sage Hospitality and others. At some point, RTD, in their infinite wisdom, will decide which direction the re-use of the historic building will go.

And, we’ll try our best to keep an information flow on the project actually reaching Downtown Residents.

In the meantime, the old place dressed up real good last night! And, a good time was had by all.