An Urban Adventure Idea for the True Believer!

A couple of articles recently caught our attention with the reports of bacteria levels in the creek and river, and health violations at area sports venue concession stands. You may have read them, too.

Water in the Platte comes out of Chatfield relatively highly rated, and low in such things as E-Coli. But, on its way through the city it gains all the drainage, some sewage and the many creeks that flow into it. One of those, of course, is Cherry Creek, forming the Confluence and the adjacent park area. Signs are posted warning residents of potential danger of being in the water there. Doesn’t seem to matter, though, does it? Bacteria, minerals you don’t want, and matter you don’t want abound.

So, what better place to have a Baptism? (Back to that in a moment)

Then, there was the ESPN study of 109 major sports venues around the country and their 2009 citations for food concessions’ critical or major health violations. Take Coors Field, for example. The study found that 62% of the food outlets had been cited. Not to be outdone, the Pepsi Center scored 67%.

So, when we noticed that the Denver United Church was holding its annual Service in the Park this Sunday, August 1, we had an idea for a real urban adventure. Following the service at Confluence Park, people can be baptized…in the river. We happened by the event last year and were surprised they really did it. Full submersion baptism in the sparkling Platte River. And, if you’re lucky, a heavy rain might help clean the banks of Cherry Creek in time for everything to flow down to the river.

Here’s the adventure idea. Suitable for teams, or relay groups. Go to Union Station and check out a BCycle. Ride to REI and check it in. (Short trips avoid any usage charge) Get yourself baptized in the river. Check out another BCycle. Ride to Coors Field for the Cubs game. (Changing clothes optional) Check the bike in. Try a few of the food stands in the stadium. Enjoy the Rockies beating the Cubs. Go home and wait.

This is only for the real Urban Adventurer, always on the lookout for new risks to take. Even close to home.