Some Things to Watch For…And, Watch Out For in October

October always presents its challenges. The weather might change. (Sure bet) Or, Walgreen’s might run out of peanut butter cups for Halloween. (We doubt it)

So here is a short, but important list of events in Downtown Denver that you should note. And, yes, there are many activities not nearly as scary as Haunted Houses or Broncos games!

For instance, early next week, here at Denver by the Slice, we’ll tell you all about a very special art opening at the Emmanuel Gallery on the Auraria Campus next Thursday. And, more art news through the week.

But to start with this weekend, Saturday marks the last day of this year’s Great American Beer Festival. Not that you can get tickets…they sold out months ago…but so that you can understand why so many people are walking around looking like they just had a lot of beer. And, acting like it. And, hopefully, not driving. Yikes!

Saturday is also the last day of the Women of Faith confab at the Pepsi Center. Much less beer, but, still, a lot of walking around.

Sunday, of course, the sky will be bright blue, but everything else will be very pink! Thousands will converge on the Pepsi Center area for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Tens of thousands. Congratulations on the continuing success of Denver efforts in the program to fight Breast Cancer!

By, Sunday, October 9, many Downtown streets will be impacted with both marathoners and rock ‘n roll bands. If you live Downtown, you’ll be able to hear some of both, but probably not after about 9 in the morning. You can translate that to mean the music will be very early in the morning. And, you can read about the street closures for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon here, at Denver by the Slice, next week.

A better dressed event in October is the upcoming Luminosity Gala benefitting the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver. This year’s invites are out, and you can sign up at the website. The event will be held at Denver’s Union Station, Thursday, October 27, an interesting location choice. The Gala has become one of Denver’s best tickets. You’ll want to be on board.

And, by the way, Denver by the Slice Readers, you are already in very good company!

Through the miracle of the internet (and, that’s where we get this information, so it must be true) we know how many people from how many places by how many methods read how much of Denver by the Slice. Our crack metrics tell us that, in the last 30 days alone, thousands of page views came from 23 countries around the world. Most, of course, are from the United States, right here in Denver. But, we have some pretty regular visitors from Japan, Canada, all the nice parts of Europe, Asia and some guy in China.

People in 31 states, but no one in Alaska, checked in with the Slice. Texas, California and New York ranked distantly behind Colorado. And, of course, the bulk of our readers are in Denver. But, 19 other Colorado cities looked in as well.

You, readers, are a special group. Our advertisers know that. And, they are not visually “pounding” or flashing you to get their attention. But, do tell them you saw their ad at Denver by the Slice.

Keep reading. Remember, when checking the latest “Fresh News and Views of Living in Downtown Denver,” here at the Slice, you can wear whatever you want!

Thanks for reading. And, be careful crossing the streets!