Ice Cream? Well, You Can Always Get an Eskimo Pie at the 7-Eleven!

If asked, only one year ago, where to go for ice cream on the 16th Street Mall, you may have been very hard-pressed. But, in that short time, the freeze on Mall ice cream has thawed to a flow of choices.

People will sort themselves out to preferences in style or flavors or sincerity of their favorites. But, at !6th and Champa (Yes, it is there, you just have to look in the basement), there’s Dairy Queen. You may have seen the lame dancing cone promoting the place when it opened. Soft-serve ice cream that, frankly, a lot of people like. The Slice has even been made aware of lab tests that show that a Dairy Queen Strawberry Shortcake has many of the same properties as “the hair of the dog” if you know what I mean.

We saw the mobs last week at the opening of Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt at 16th and Glenarm. This, too, has its following and is building its way eastward from the California base. Second store in Denver. They promote the tanginess of their product under the umbrella of “Swirly Goodness.” Their website actually has a catchy little pseudo-pop hip hop theme at the front page. Probably not cubicle-safe.

And, a block away, between Glenarm and Welton, Amore Gelato. We wrote about it here on June 17. Terrific home-grown and locally operated classic. And, those outside tables are usually full! But, no catchy theme song…yet!