Bryan David Griffith…Just a Few More Days at Translations Gallery!

Bryan David Griffith: "Traverse"

The artist will be at the closing reception for this exhibit on Wednesday, September 28 from 5:30 to 8:30. He’ll also be signing commemorative catalogs of the exhibit. This is another of Translations Gallery’s fine photgraphy exhibits featuring local and regional artists of national note.

The gallery says about his work: “In A Big World Wandering showcases photographs by the artist that seem remembered, retold, or dreamed. He depicts situations as metaphors for how we are often alone in a big world wandering; our destinations unclear in places that are ambiguous and often absurd, yet beautiful and inspiring.”

The closing reception is free and open to the public. You just have today, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday to see this show at 1743 Wazee. And, you should!