Downtown Living: Baseball, Monster Ball and a Bunch of Clowns!

What more can you ask for? Living Downtown is a constantly evolving play with a different act every day. Take the coming week for example. Three things stand out in the wandering Slice mind.

Tuesday, July 27, our beloved Rockies come back (or, crawl back) from a long road-trip to face Pittsburgh for three games. Let’s hope they are more or less in the same position as when they left. Time for baseball.

But, just down the street, on Wednesday, Lady Gaga arrives with her “Monster Ball” tour at the Pepsi Center. Baseball and Monster Ball will collide for the biggest night of the year for pedi-cab drivers. Watch out!

Then, send in the clowns. Ultimately, the most entertaining event of any week Downtown is the Wednesday night bike ride taken by the Denver Cruisers. They don’t like to talk about themselves lest they spread the word and too many people show up. Every week has a theme and this week it is “Clowns”. You risk seeing hundreds of clowns plying the downtown streets, riding by the rules, and having a very good time. It’s a great parade.

This last week, their theme was, fittingly, the Tour de France. We were witness to the passage of at least one Marie Antoinnette and a cycling French Chef complete with a set dining table, candle and bottle of wine! Just a few weeks ago, on “Dress” night, what appeared to be a record number of merrymakers rode 15th Street to the openings of “Objectophilia” and the MCA. Proof that anyone can look good riding a bicycle wearing a dress!