Time to Gear Up for the U.S. Pro Cycling Challenge!

Next week in Colorado, 128 of the best bike racers in the world will take to Colorado’s roads and mountains. Not since the old Coors Classic (born of the Red Zinger) have we been able to watch this caliber of racing in person…in Denver!

The top three finishers from this year’s Tour de France will be here. In fact, the Schleck brothers have been training and fly fishing in Steamboat Springs for days. Tour winner Cadell Evans will climb new heights as this race will cover the highest professional road race routes ever. 518 miles of Colorado over seven days, beginning with a Prologue Monday in Colorado Springs.

On Sunday, August 28, the riders will conclude the six-stage race with a 70-mile route from Golden to Downtown Denver. You can see the timeline and route description at this link. Plan on the racers leaving the start about 10:45 Sunday morning, looping out of Golden, back through, up Lookout Mountain, back through Golden, turn at the brewery and head to Denver.

They’ll come down Speer by Downtown and start a series of laps mainly along Speer and around the Civic Center. Pick your place to watch. Won’t be like the Champs Elysees in Paris exactly, but a welcome event nonetheless! And, just to one-up the French, our finish line, out of a veritable sea of logos, is called the Smashburger Finish Line. Sounds kind of classy, doesn’t it? Right in front of the Capitol, just after 1:30.

We’ll update both the race and any hints about the Downtown viewing experience next week on the Slice. This is good stuff!

(And, just for fun, take a look at how Kenny Be, Westword‘s finest asset, takes on the race at this link.)