Talking Points: Meet Downtown Resident Mel Cruger!

Each week, we’ll introduce you to someone you may, or may not know who lives in Downtown Denver. And, each week, we’ll ask that person five questions…always the same. But, we’re sure to get a lot of different answers! Each week’s interviewee will also be archived on the page titled “Talking Points” at the top of this site. Let us know what you think.

Mel Cruger hails originally from the Tarrytown, New York area and he attended Williams College. After a few years in New York City in the ad agency biz, he joined the corporate ranks for a long and successful career. Mel moved to Downtown Denver seven years ago…and he loves it. We talked with Mel at a famous neighborhood brewery, the Wynkoop, another success story.

Mel Cruger, photo Diane Huntress

What’s the best thing about living Downtown?

Access. To the sports venues, the cultural events, restaurants. It’s just easy to get to everything!

What’s been the biggest change since you moved Downtown?

So much construction. But, it’s been a positive thing, particularly in LoDo, where the new buildings really reflect and add to the character of the neighborhood.

What don’t we have downtown that we need?

You know, I really can’t think of anything. That says something!

Where do you like to go when you go away from Downtown?

To Boulder to visit my seven grandchildren! And, Boulder’s a fine place, too.

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know.

Well, we lived in Brazil for five years. And, I speak fluent Portuguese. But, I don’t use it very often Downtown!

Mel’s a guy that cares about the city, his family and his friends. Thanks, Mel!