Talking Points: Susan Maxwell, Living Green in Denver

Each week, we’ll introduce you to someone you may, or may not know who lives in Downtown Denver. And, each week, we’ll ask that person five questions…always the same. But, we’re sure to get a lot of different answers! Each week’s interviewee will also be archived on the page titled “Talking Points” at the top of this site. Let us know what you think.

Susan Maxwell is the Director of Real Estate for Zocalo Community Development, an innovative residential development and management firm.  She has enjoyed a 26 year career in residential real estate. She grew up in Texas and discovered Colorado in the early 1990’s. She says that although it took awhile to get here permanently, it was love at first sight and she can no longer imagine living anywhere else!

Susan Maxwell, photo Diane Huntress

What is the best thing about living Downtown?

Having moved from the mountains into the downtown a little over a year ago, I feel the best thing is the social pulse of the city. I enjoy the walk-ability to wonderful restaurants, live music, theater, sports and I particularly enjoy the cultural diversity not common with mountain living. Since I work with a downtown residential multi-family developer, it also gave me the opportunity to personally experience life as our residents experience it.  An edge I wouldn’t have otherwise had living elsewhere.

What don’t we have now that we need Downtown?

A full service grocery store comes to mind first. Beyond that, it would be wonderful to see more local business focused on sustainability and environmental preservation. Sustainable residential buildings like Solera, Spire, & 2020 Lawrence hopefully will become the norm, not the exception.

What has been the biggest change while you have lived Downtown? 

The skyline is changing constantly. The improvements under way at Union Station are exciting to watch. The development for the neighborhood and FasTracks will transform how people currently commute in and out of the city. For the better.

What’s your favorite place to go away from Downtown?

Austin, Texas. It is actually a lot like Denver. 

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know.

I have a 26 year old daughter who lives in Austin. She is my best friend and I learn something new from her most every day. She keeps me young and it’s easy to persuade her to visit me because she loves the downtown.

Thank you, Susan! And, with our buildings, new housing concepts, car share, transit expansion and B-Cycle, we get greener every day!

(By the way, no trees have been cut down in the production of Denver by the Slice! And, carbon footprint? Forget about it.)