Street Watch: Lull Before the Storm

More heat than street this weekend Downtown. As we said, last week, we’ll do our best to bring you any potential interruptions to your mobility caused by special events or street closures through the Downtown neighborhood. Here is this weekend’s short list…followed by a special comment on last week.

The only street closures we can officially find: Lawrence between 19th and 20th for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival at Sakura Square, through Sunday 6/27; and, 14th and 15th partials between Court and Curtis for a 5K Run event, but only Saturday morning until about 10:30. And, as we mentioned previously, 15th Street from Little Raven west is a total mess.

The Rockies have left town for a few days after nearly sweeping the red Sox in three very entertaining games. All sold out. It should be relatively easy to get around. The annual “Heat Festival” seems a week early.

Last weekend, even Denver by the Slice was surprised by the closing of Wynkoop Street between 15th and the creek. Saturday, a law firm which offices on the street, invited 400 of its best friends for a party, with a band and lots of balloons. But, they failed to notify the neighborhood of the event…and  they totally blocked  the access to Manny’s Bridge and the bike paths from Wynkoop. Unnecessary. The City requires that affected residents sign off on such events. That’s why the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association is so diligent about getting all the resident buildings and businesses to sign off for their events, like the upcoming “No Garage Garage Sale” on August 28th at the same location.

Last week’s event was “permitted” but not correctly so. It has been noted.

What also bothered Denver by the Slice was the release of several hundred helium balloons from the party. Seems the kids were having a good time watching them float off (often in bunches of several dozen) towards Eastern Colorado and Western Nebraska where they litter the landscape and present a real hazard to wildlife. They may add a lot to a party, but balloons don’t look so good wrapped around a goose’s neck. They should know better. The party people. Not the geese.