This is NOT Good News!

Today, from restaurant consultant John Imbergamo, this sad news for Downtown Residents:

Dixon’s Downtown Grill will close in early September after fourteen years at the LoDo location. Racines, its sister restaurant, remains open at 650 Sherman Street. Co-owner Lee Goodfriend attributed a change in real estate strategies as the major reason for the closing.

“Our experience with Racines has spoiled us,” said Goodfriend, co-owner of both restaurants with partner David Racine. “We own the building and parking garage at Racines and weren’t interested in renewing a deal where we could not own the real estate. At this stage of our lives, we’ll be very happy running one very successful restaurant”

Goodfriend said that many of Dixons current staff members will be offered positions at Racines when Dixons closes.

Dixons opened in 1997 in a very different LoDo neighborhood. The restaurant quickly became the “go to” place for breakfast and lunch meetings by business owners and residents in Lower Downtown. It has been honored by the Denver food press with Best Margarita and Best Nacho awards for many years.

Colorado Rockies fans often celebrate a win or drown their sorrows with drinks or dinner on the wraparound patio and weekend brunch business brings urban and suburban diners to this sprawling restaurant. Dixons was at the epicenter of LoDo crowds during the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

“Many of the Dixons menu favorites are also served at Racines,” said David Racine. ‘We hope to see some of our Dixons regulars make the switch when we close in September.” Mercantile Square landlord Coughlin & Co has not announced a replacement tenant for the 9200 square foot space.

This is not good news.