Coming Soon to a Street Near You!

Denver by the Slice is starting a regular feature to alert residents and fans of Downtown Denver to upcoming events and street closure issues. How many times have you gotten up on Saturday morning to find you were imprisoned on your block by a parade, march, run or massive walk that closed the streets? Worse…how about cheerleaders under your window?

Well, we hope to help you know in advance of something coming up Downtown.

The largest event of the weekend is the Pridefest at the Civic Center through Sunday, June 20. This is a very colorful event that includes lots of music and a couple of parades along East Colfax Saturday and Sunday. Pride abounds!

On the other side of Downtown, Saturday, June 19, the Highland Street Fair will occupy West 32nd Avenue between Lowell and Perry.

Next weekend, June 25-27, is the annual Cherry Blossom Festival at Sakura Square, around 19th and Lawrence. And, don’t forget to dodge the bikers Wednesday, June 23 on Bike to Work Day. They can be as tricky as cars, especially when they ride while texting or talking.

Street construction-wise, many projects are on-going, but it appears they are starting in earnest on the re-alignment of Larimer between 15th and 17th. It’s not easy making a street narrower. Wewatta, behind Union Station remains under siege, and 15th Street from Little Raven west is a mess. Especially near 15th and Little Raven as a demolition project is well under way at the Northwest corner.

And, finally, look for sell-out Rockies crowds Tuesday through Thursday evenings when they host the Boston Red Sox for the first time since the short 2007 World Series. Red Sox Nation is a scary thing…especially driving!