Gelato Returns to Downtown, and Not a Moment Too Soon!

Welcome, Amore Gelato, on the Mall between Welton and Glenarm. Bruce Koeller spent two years bringing this business to life in what was a sunglass store. Thank him! If there is anything we don’t need more of Downtown, besides Starbucks, that would be sunglass stores. We have Gelato now, and we are happy.

Gelato is more dense than ice cream which is full of air, and gelato has about half the fat and less sugar. Gelato originated in Italy, of course, and it is ubiquitous there. We had gelato in Larimer Square for a while with Gelazzi, but that business melted away. There is gelato around Downtown (Little Man, Red Trolley), but it is always best if close by. And, close by is important for gelato because it is typically made fresh in small batches. Bruce makes his in the kitchen upstairs from his shop.

The traditional flavors are all good. The pistachio is solid. The sorbettos light and great for summer. During the Democratic National Convention a couple of years ago, the most asked question on the mall was “Where can I get some ice cream or gelato?” Now we know. Tip: try the original Honey Sunflower Gelato, Bruce’s culinary invention. And, a personal favorite that will conjure up memories of the Good Humor truck driving down your street…Dreamsicle! Take some home.
(Photo: Copyright Diane Huntress)