When Badgers Fly…

These are mean little animals. So mean, in fact, that long ago German farmers bred a dog unafraid to go down in their holes and rat them out. The dachshund. Weiner dog. Barrel chested little guy with jaws of steel. Very useful downtown for picking up food off the sidewalk.

So now, those Wisconsonites who stole our local airline, Frontier, are putting one of their own on a plane. Part of the deal with Midwest Airlines allowed the name to stay, but included the addition of a badger to the spokesanimal fleet. What to name the creature? Bella, Buddie and Cookie? (its head does resemble an Oreo) were chosen as finalists from “thousands of entries” according to the airline.

But, here’s the rub. Their animal. Their name choices. Only residents of Wisconsin get to vote. So call your friends in the off moments of this weekend and tell them to go to They could win something. Thanks to the Denver Business Journal for the picture. Thanks to the people of Wisconsin for solving this problem. Let’s hope they do the right thing!