Cake! It’s What’s for Dinner!

Mark Greenberg, owner of the Market, is Denver’s  true “Ace of Cakes” and he proves it every day and especially in May and June. Often during these months of graduations, not to mention Mothers’ Day, the Market has to stop taking orders for cakes. They run at the kitchen’s capacity. And, that’s a big kitchen!

This past weekend, alone, about 200 cakes passed through the door into the micro-climate that resides in front of this Larimer Street institution. Sometimes Mom takes the cake. Sometimes several layers of the same family show up.

Favorite flavor, of course…the Spring Fling shown here. Next fave, Tres Leches. Longtime, highly trusted Market employees often hoist the giant sheet cakes onto their shoulders to give them a chance of safely making it to the proud owner’s car. The Market offers breakfast, coffees, specialty foods, hot foods and sandwiches and dinner, spelled c-a-k-e!

2 thoughts on “Cake! It’s What’s for Dinner!”

  1. David, I notice that you don't give street addresses for the places you write about. Is there some reason for this?

  2. On this post, I figured that after 27 years in Larimer Square, everyone knows where the Market is. At least, everyone living downtown. Now, on most other posts, we try to give streets, intersections, or blocks to help locate. Often, we'll link to their website. We'll keep an eye on that, though, so no place stays anonymous.

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