Matt’s Muddling Mounds of Mint!

Derby Day! Saturday, May 1 brings about yet another short horse race about which much is made…The Kentucky Derby. To help you view, drink, eat and enjoy this spectable (and the hats), Dixon’s has some fun specials all day.

Our friend Matt Raia, bar impresario at Dixon’s, is mulling lots of mint and opening lots of Jack. $4 Jack Daniels Mint Juleps, $4 Jack Daniels Whiskey Sours, $3 Derby Daly’s (sweet tea, bourbon and lemonade) and you can drink them all day if you really think you should.

The kitchen is turning out that famous Louisville tradition, The Hot Brown Sandwich. Named for the Brown Hotel, the Hot Brown first appeared there about 1926, invented by Fred K. Schmidt. Originally this sandwich included turkey and bacon on bread, covered in a Mornay sauce and broiled. Through the years, many variations have been concocted…and, this Saturday at Dixon’s, they are offering the “Mini Kentucky Hot Brown Benedictine Sandwich” for just $5, all day. The “Benedictine” of Kentucky food lore has to do with the Benedict Hotel in Louisville and it includes some combination of cucumbers and cream cheese. We don’t know where this is going, so try one out and let us know what you think!

By the Slice thanks restaurant guru John Imbergamo for the Derby Tip on Dixon’s. Betting it’s good!