Truck Runs Red Light in LoDo! Is that News?

No, it’s not. This happens all the time. Truck clearly in middle of intersection. Light clearly red. Caught on film! What you don’t see is that this same truck had just made a U-Turn out of a parking space, hurrying to run this light.

Denver by the Slice has a recently rejuvenated fear of vehicles running red lights. It is dangerous. People can be hurt. U-Turns on Downtown streets are dangerous to anyone nearby. So is crossing the street.

By definition, most drivers Downtown live somewhere else. They don’t know where they are going…and they are in a big hurry to get there. They don’t read signs. They don’t watch for peds or bikes or kids or dogs. They talk on the phone. It can be very scary out there.

Hundreds of cars everyday barrel down Wynkoop Street from 15th Street toward Cherry Creek. Yes, it is a dead end (or, cul-de-sac, if you prefer) and yes, there are only four (4) signs at the intersection announcing that. One car goes, another follows. And, worse, because of some trait of drivers still being researched, they drive back to 15th even faster to make up for lost time due to stupidity.

And, then there are drivers who rush to make lights, or just run them. The crosswalks at 15th and Wynkoop are especially dangerous, even more so when there are cars around. It’s not pleasant to see people or bikes being run into. Be careful!