Smashburger Plops Onto the Mall!

Most of us Downtown can see suburbs from our offices and rooftop decks. That doesn’t mean we ever go there. But, we know they are out there. After all, without the suburbs there would be NO traffic downtown.

But one Downtown-based company has decided that all of its suburban locations are too far away to keep a close eye on. So, Smashburger, the locally based national chain, is opening a restuarant they can see from their office windows. Company Headquarters is in Tower one of the 1515 Arapahoe building. The new Smashburger restaurant is on the Mall, right next to Ling & Louie’s, which is right next to the Cheesecake Factory. (I think, also, that if we did not have the suburbs, we would not have a Cheesecake Factory.)

Most of us Downtown resident types may not be familiar with Smashburger. We did not grow up with them. We can’t name their spokesclown. We might not be able to tell someone where one is. But, if we like it, we can all plan our travel dining around their places…in suburbs nationwide.

Smashburger is coming with Smashburgers, Smashchicken, Smashfries and Smashdogs (That last one doesn’t sound quite as appealing.). The picture above is from their web-site where you can also peruse the menu…or buy a franchise. I will admit to having read very good things about the namesake offering. I’ll have mine to go!