What You Can and Cannot Do Next Week Near Union Station…

Can do this:

Visit a mock-up of the rail cars that will whisk you one day from Union Station to Denver International Airport. RTD is previewing the cars to the public Tuesday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday, May 28 from 10 until 4 p.m.

The one-third length mock-up will sit on the Wynkoop Plaza side of the Station, and have seats, access and luggage racks as proposed for the line, planned to open in a few years. Public comment is welcome. And, RTD people will be there to answer your questions.

Can’t do this:

Have a drink at McCormick’s. On Monday, May 23, the popular local bar will close for about a month for re-modeling. We did not know that it was broken and that it needed to be fixed. The Cruise Room will remain open, though.

After the bar remodel is done, they’ll close the restaurant and do more of the same. The outside seating area on Wazee will not be available during the remodel time. Hey, it’s baseball season!

Out of Order

McCormick’s is hugely popular…all year…as are many of the restaurants in that chain. They have not been sold yet, although their board is considering that option. However, off the table, apparently, is the offer from a member of the Landry’s group. Those are the folks who operate Willie G’s on the Mall, and the Denver Aquarium. We can only guess they were trying to corner the fish market in Denver.

The McCormick’s Fish House and Bar in the Oxford Hotel has been open since the mid-80’s. And, this bar is very similar in look and feel to the original McCormick’s in Portland, Oregon. That site took over a 100 year old landmark building and the site of Jake’s Famous Crawfish Restaurant in 1979, launching the McCormick and Schmick’s chain.

In the 1970’s, in the same space that is now McCormick’s, sat The Corner Room, a funky entertainment venue that saw jazz and comedy. Denver by the Slice attended one New Year’s Eve show there which starred an about-to-be-very-famous Steve Martin…and an audience of only 12 people! He wore his only white suit, and an arrow through his head.

Now, for the makeover. Please don’t change the floors. Don’t change the Happy Hour menu. Don’t take the window bench seats out (the best place to sit on a cold night in Denver, right over the radiators). And, are you really taking out the stained glass! Seriously, they plan to open the bar area to the room behind, which has been a cozy dining addition, the Crystal Room. The stained glass outlook is unknown.

The train is a symbol of changing the future of transportation from Downtown. Let’s hope the McCormick’s project doesn’t derail a LoDo icon, simply for the sake of change.