Things to Know Today! The Friday Slice Bulletin!

It is unlikely that you will find any limes this weekend. Guenther and BJ from Bouquets cornered the lime market the other day to make centerpieces for the LoDo Limelight Awards Dinner. They used 400 of them. Beautifully. But that won’t help your weekend tequila begging for a squirt.

And, hurry out tonight if you are a true beer afficionado. If you like your Guiness…poured correctly… into a GLASS, get it today. Because with the parade on Saturday, and likely through Wednesday, quick pours into plastic cups just won’t do!

We have to wonder, as well, if there is any music whatsoever in Ireland at this time of year. Every Denver bar and club is promoting bands this week from, yes, Ireland. How many could there be? Do all of our DJ’s go there? Weigh in with your comments.