You Were Sent a Ballot for a Reason!

It’s time, Denver. Sure, there’s likely to be a runoff for the Mayor’s office. Of course, there will be a runoff for Council District 8. But, there is no reason to let someone else decide who you’ll have to choose from in that runoff.

Vote. It matters. Mayor, Clerk, Auditor, Council District 8, Council District 9 and Council at Large. These people determine a lot about how your life in the city goes day to day. It matters.

Ballots can be mailed for just 61 cents. Do it now. Worst case, take your ballot by the Denver Election Division office at 200 West 14th. 8-6 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Monday. 7-7 on Election Day, Tuesday, May 3. Yes, they have a drive-thru drop.

People Downtown are usually pretty good at voting and voting correctly. Join us!