This Is One Hard Seat to Fill!

Carla Madison. District 8 City Council of Denver. Her death a couple of weeks ago was a shock to most of her friends and to her constituents in the district which includes a good part of Downtown Denver.

But, last Saturday, at the Museum of Nature and Science, hundreds gathered to celebrate her life at what was described as a party she would have loved. And, everybody loved her.

She was running unopposed for reelection to her council seat in this week’s election. But, now voters have to choose someone from a list of dozens of write-in candidates to try to fill that seat. Can’t be done.

Her motor scooter held its own vigil outside the celebration, decorated just as colorfully as Carla usually was when riding it.

A bright light went out. A bright light lives on. Thank you, Carla!

(Photo Diane Huntress)