100 Chimes to Mark Sunset Today!

If you rely on the bell chime of the Daniels & Fisher Tower to tell the time, be forewarned! Today, to mark the 100th anniversay of the tower, the chimes will ring 100 times at sunset. Sunset, by the way, will occur at 7:21. But, now you know.

The D&F Tower was originally added to the corner of the former, very large,  Daniels & Fisher department store that occupied that block. Mr. Daniels, who had bought out the Fisher interest in 1897, had thought the tower a good addition to the corner. Spend some time and examine the details. It’s a beautiful and complex structure that was mercifully saved from destruction by becoming a Landmark in 1969. The rest of the block was bulldozed in 1971.

And, if you are lucky enough to live in Brooks Tower, at about the 18th floor, northwest corner, you have a very nice “living room clock.” Albeit a bit noisy once every 100 years!