What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Guy Called "Jimmer" Takes On Guys Called "Zags"

Everybody’s sitting down. Except the players. If you were there, you might not recognize it.

Saturday at the Pepsi Center featured two NCAA Tournament games that were not nearly as exciting as the games played there on Thursday. But don’t tell the spectators, who, only in the rare photo above, never really sat down. Game One on Saturday saw Richmond pummel the upstart Morehead State team. But, the entire section above was occupied by newly-arrived Morehead students who NEVER sat down!

After their game, they disappeared only to be replaced by BYU students and supporters who filled the arena like a swarm of locusts. And, they never quit jumping out of their seats as their team pummeled Gonzaga!

All that spirit was well and good, but a lot of people paid (on various markets) hundreds or even thousands for tickets and good seats for these tournament games. But, none of those tickets said “Obstructed View”. Like at Fenway Park in Boston. And, we assure you, the views were obstructed. Except for the rare moment pictured above.

And, by the way, the games we saw on Thursday (Morehead State v. Louisville and Richmond v. Vanderbilt) were two of the most exciting and enjoyable college basketball games you could watch in an afternoon. And, over 18,000 people, sitting down, were well-rewarded!