Downtown Taco Sighting! Right Next to the Moose.

Could this be “America’s Next Great Restaurant”?

If you want information about something, sometimes you just need to talk to the guy putting the front door in. Right next to the Smiling Moose on Wynkoop between 15th and 16th, we’re getting Tacos! In about a month, according to him, we will have a Marge’s Taco Bistro. Our very own Marge’s Taco Bistro.

Of course, Denver by the Slice will continue to pursue this story. We want to know who Marge is, if this is a locally unique concept, and how good the Margaritas are. We also want to know how the “taco” and the “bistro” thing goes together. Well, why not?

You may have seen this new NBC reality show called “America’s Next Great Restaurant”. Four investors, including Bobby Flay of food fame and Chipotle founder Steve Ells, are trying to decide between some restaurant concepts, choose a winner, and then open three around the country immediately waiting to get richer.

"Au Bistro", Jean Beraud

Some of those concepts are pretty lame. Some just not fully thought through. Limbo (for when you can’t decide), Saucy Balls (so you can snicker as you invite friends), Hicks (which is not related to our Governor), and a few others.

But, what will Steve Ells think when he walks by Marge’s on his way to corporate headquarters a block away? Or, the rest of his employees? Or, the Gauchos from the corner?

Well, they might like the roll-up street windows at the Bistro. Or, the rumored margaritas. (We haven’t seen the permit signs yet, but in a previous article on the Slice, here, it was discussed) And, they might really, really like the tacos! Wouldn’t that be fun?

A bistro in LoDo serving tacos out the window. Another food group added to the block already serving up lots of beef (Fogo), moose and muffins. Bon chance, Marge!