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With all due respect for the enjoyment of a beer on a fine afternoon sitting on the deck at the Wynkoop Brewery…

Here’s where we have settled for Friday afternoons. This plaza is a highly activated and energetic public space. In the center is a large fountain, big shade trees, room for kids to play, through traffic streets and the tram line. The whole square is formed by Italianate uniform-height buildings, all with arcades, and cafes flowing […]

We’ll Miss the Denver Mandolin Orchestra Concerts…but Not This Sunday!

A delightfully relaxing way to spend a bit of the first Sunday evening of the fall. The Denver Mandolin Orchestra will appear in concert…FREE…this Sunday, September 23, at the Wynkoop Brewery. It’s at 7:00. Get there early enough to get a seat (it has been getting very full)…and get a beer. Mandolin music to take […]

How to Spend a Sunday Evening in the City

Believe it or not, this Sunday is the fourth Sunday in April, and time for a Mandolin Concert! The Denver Mandolin Orchestra will be in tune and in concert at 7:00 in the Mercantile Room of the Wynkoop Brewery. With some new selections, new compositions and, no doubt, some old favorites, this makes for a relaxing evening […]

Sweet Sounds of the Season this Sunday!

Free. Relaxing. Warm. Holiday music as it can only sound played by a full orchestra of Mandolins! The December concert of the Denver Mandolin Orchestra will be this Sunday, December 18 at 7 p.m. in the Mercantile Room of the Wynkoop Brewery. Come for the sound and a surprise or two…along with a nice Wynkoop beer, […]

Bananas Peel Off at 11! Gorillas Expected to Follow!

Street Watch… Over 1000 hairy apes will take over Wynkoop Street Saturday morning. Starting at the Wynkoop Brewery, the giant band will dash down Wynkoop, crossing Manny’s Bridge over Cherry Creek and descend to the bike path below. A bit later, they’ll return to Wynkoop via 15th Street, make a hard left in front of […]

Talking Points: Meet Downtown Resident Mel Cruger!

Each week, we’ll introduce you to someone you may, or may not know who lives in Downtown Denver. And, each week, we’ll ask that person five questions…always the same. But, we’re sure to get a lot of different answers! Each week’s interviewee will also be archived on the page titled “Talking Points” at the top […]

Wynkoop Brewery Serves Up Lots More than Beer! And, also Beer!

You could easily make the argument that one of the most significant cultural centers of Downtown Denver is located at the corner of 18th and Wynkoop. Unlike other “cultural centers” in Denver, you won’t find a 10-story artificial ski slope here. You won’t wade through a list of rock star architects who designed the place. And, […]