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Start ’em Up! Dozens of these guys are ready to fire water in front of Union Station. These sophisticated nozzles will be streaming, splashing and soaking all who go near. And, very near you can go! Watch for a wet LoDo weekend near you!

While thousands attended the out back ribbon cutting for the shiny new bus station, workers out front are still trying to figure out the jigsaw puzzle that came in a big box labeled “Wynkoop Plaza Water Feature”.

Friday. Transportation news in Denver. So, here’s a picture of Croatia!

Last year, the Multi-modal transit center in the urban core looked like this in Split, Croatia. Trains on the left running regularly to the capital Zagreb. A large public Green Market adjacent in the near left. A Multi-bay international bus station in the middle with a busy taxi stand. And, the ferry port with over […]

Hot News Today…Only At Denver by the Slice!

Well, our lonely tower crane from last Friday’s post has company today. That’s it, going up in the distance, just next to Union Station. But, that was bound to happen. What we did not know until today is this hot flash. And, it’s a good day for a hot flash. Finally, after all these years […]

World’s Shortest Tower Crane Still Waiting for Company at Union Station!

While all the grant applications, planning and approvals by such diverse bodies as the National Park Service are going on inside Union Station…a lonely sentinel stands guard over a dusty, noisy beginning of more construction. For several weeks, this first section of a looming tower has stayed its ground as though it was holding a […]

Smashburger Takes Up the Samba!

Here’s a rumor to bite into. The former Samba Room space in Larimer Square, empty for two years, has a new tenant to keep them up all night. And, the folks at Larimer may have worked hard to get this, but they didn’t go too far. Apparently they have signed the space over to Consumer […]

Rock Stars Spotted on Lawrence Street!

Monday is Presidents Day in America! Not Candidates Day, thankfully. But a shout out to the 44 who have held this incredibly difficult position through many trying periods…like now. Many businesses will stay open, but not the banks, government or the Post Office. We may not notice. And, by the way, what’s become of the mailboxes so […]