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We are working on a piece about “Walkability” in urban areas like Santa Fe, Denver, and places where they do it better. In the meantime, did you know there is a frequent commuter train between Downtown Albuquerque and Downtown Santa Fe? What a concept!

Labor Pains. Making the Most of a French Strike

It was bound to happen. Living in and around France for the past several months yielded plenty of opportunities to have life disrupted by one of the frequent French strikes. The labor unions of France regularly stage work slowdowns or stoppages to protest what they consider to be unfair regulations, mostly those which the government […]

Special Delivery…RTD Gets Its Last Light Rail Car

Number 172 arrived today, completing the fleet of light rail cars for the FasTracks expansion. All 172 have come from Siemens in California. They arrive on a real train at the Mariposa yard for unwrapping and “detailing”. Just in time for a big new ad to be painted all over it…and just in time forĀ RTD’s […]