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Top Ten Ways to Know that Split…and, for that matter, the Entire Dalmatian Coast…is Getting Ready for a Busy Croatian Tourist Season

10. Days are getting warmer and longer, extending the opportunities for cajoling and coffee drinking in the outdoor caffe’s. 9. The locals, known as “Splic’ani”, know to go to the beaches now. So they do, in droves. Because when the real season starts, there may not be room to stick a Croatian toe in the […]

Ketchup on Pizza…and At Least Two Dozen Other Things Learned from Living in Croatia for Three Months

Arriving in Croatia just before New Year’s, we really knew nothing about it. This is where we could spend some time in “exile” waiting out the mandatory 90 days out of the EU, required for those, like us, traveling with just a passport. And, everyone we knew who had been to Croatia had been there […]