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It Just Seems Like a Soup Dumpling Kind of Day!

Who wouldn’t miss Cholon’s Soup Dumplings? A real standout in Lower Downtown’s offering of three basic food groups: Tacos, Sushi and, of course, Pizza. One of each on every block, often on the sidewalk. Watch your step!

Trolling for Tacos

The block of Blake Street between 15th Street and the 16th Street Mall is shaping up to be a new urban battleground. With neighbor fighting neighbor for their dining dollars. What a difference a year makes. Not long ago, the block sported an eclectic mix of ethnic restaurants with something for everybody. Now, there is […]

Downtown Taco Sighting! Right Next to the Moose.

Could this be “America’s Next Great Restaurant”? If you want information about something, sometimes you just need to talk to the guy putting the front door in. Right next to the Smiling Moose on Wynkoop between 15th and 16th, we’re getting Tacos! In about a month, according to him, we will have a Marge’s Taco […]

Moose Seen Smiling, Joking and Cajoling on Wynkoop Street!

Why not? On a beautiful fall day, the Smiling Moose Deli opened at 1517 Wynkoop serving breakfast (all day), sandwiches, salads, soup and smiles. After what she called “a crazy day”, the Assistant Manager, Lyndee, was still all smiles herself. We talked about the Moose in this previous post on the Slice, and now the […]