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If You’ve Been Worrying About Getting Run Over by a Bus or a Car on the Street…or, More Likely, Run Down by a Bicycle on the Sidewalk…Take Note of This!

Traffic, Transit and Transportation Forum September 18, 2012 * 5:30pm – 8:00 pm (Program starts at 6:00 pm)  Wynkoop Brewing Company Mercantile Room – 1634 18th Street   The frequent street closures and traffic signal and lane changes make it challenging to get around Downtown. Join your neighbors at a public forum to discuss how we […]

“People are Pedestrians by Design”

Some walking-about-town issues have come to mind this week in Downtown Denver. This is a great area for walking…and we don’t do enough of it. A recent article in the New York Times spoke about walking in Denver. “Denver is Urged to Hit the Sidewalks” highlights the work of architect Gosia Kung and the organization she […]

Last Night’s Denver Cruiser Ride was Themed “Cowboys and Indians”, But…

…it started to look a lot like Custer’s Last Stand, with the cars and buses ready to launch the arrows! Don’t get us wrong. We love the Denver Cruiser Rides every Wednesday night through Downtown. Different theme every week from May to September. But, last night’s ride had what must have been hundreds of new cowboys and indians…and […]

Getting Around…Walk Here. Ride There.

“I thought of that while riding my bicycle.” —Albert Einstein Denver is a very bicycle friendly place. Trails and bike routes cover the city and suburbs. They are less clear Downtown. But, they exist…along with a few rules…in the urban core as well. We want to talk about bicycles on the sidewalks. Not legal. Back […]