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RTD set to upgrade bus stops with “Interactive Pre-Vandalized Comfort Benches”. Especially good for long waits. But, do they have Free WiFi?

This should fix everything! RTD has solved any concern for upcoming chaos at the intersection of 18th & Wynkoop caused by hundreds of buses slogging their way through to the station mixed with hundreds of cars looking for parking and thousands of Rockies fans making their way to games. And, they even put a sign at every corner. Deer crossings, moose crossings, bear crossings, elk crossings…and, now our very own bus crossings. Watch out!

While thousands attended the out back ribbon cutting for the shiny new bus station, workers out front are still trying to figure out the jigsaw puzzle that came in a big box labeled “Wynkoop Plaza Water Feature”.

Friday. Transportation news in Denver. So, here’s a picture of Croatia!

Last year, the Multi-modal transit center in the urban core looked like this in Split, Croatia. Trains on the left running regularly to the capital Zagreb. A large public Green Market adjacent in the near left. A Multi-bay international bus station in the middle with a busy taxi stand. And, the ferry port with over […]

The Colorado Rockies, Parked Deep in the Cellar, Think They Just Need More…Parking?

At this writing, the Colorado Rockies, reported to be a Major League Baseball Team, have the second worst record in all of baseball. Only Houston is more humid, and worse off. No other team in baseball this season has had more runs scored against it. But, fear not, the Rockies seem always to be looking […]

Slow News Has Its Day…and A Fine Window Display!

If you wander by the Oxford Hotel in LoDo on a regular basis, you may not always notice the large decorated window just east of the entrance. You should. That window features changing installations relevant to holidays, events, historical themes or just spontaneous art. If you wander by there now, be sure to notice. The set designers […]

Checking In at Union Station

You’ve heard the news. The RTD Board made the right decision last night with regard to the re-use of their historic building. An agreement will be crafted with the Union Station Alliance group for the development of a hotel combined with first floor transit facilities, restaurants and retail.  The USA group includes Dana Crawford and […]