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Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Rocking ‘n’ Rolling Through Downtown Saturday Morning…Early!

Don’t worry. Those cheerleaders on the corner, under your window…the band at the intersection on Blake Street…they’ll all be gone early in the day. This year’s version of the very corporate Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon starts at the Civic Center with a bike ride beginning at 6:45 and the actual running starting at 7:15. By […]

Weekend Forecast: Rain on the Parade, Rock ‘n Roll Wake-up Call, and, Perhaps, a Football Game

We called it last week. The weather’s going to change and actually start acting like Fall. That means rain on the Columbus Day Parade, a.k.a. Il Giornale della Parata di Colombo, taking place at 10 on Saturday morning. Shorter route than the past, from Civic Center to 15th Street to Welton to 17th to Broadway […]