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More “Fall” Colors from Puerto Vallarta

Here are some more good ways to look at this amazing country. Colorful, friendly, and different than most people know.

Gardening. Puerto Vallarta Style.

We are just a couple of weeks away from returning to Downtown Denver after several months of summering, and simmering, on the Bay of Banderas. That caused us last week to make a second visit of this trip to the fantastic and beautiful Jardin Botanico Vallarta. Just 24 kilometers, and an adventurous one dollar bus […]

Working two jobs in Mexico…at the same time.


Not your usual travel photos…

Here are a few shots taken around Puerto Vallarta recently. Transparency note: iPhone, no clearances and lacking endorsement from the Tourism Office. Prints are not available, nor would they be particularly suitable for framing anyway.                                

There is a Starbucks, though.

Most Spanish town squares are similar. Cathedral on one side. Grand buildings on the others, including the “Municipal Palace”. Many also include a bandstand. It’s a historical thing. When the square was laid out in Puerto Vallarta, though, they changed it up a bit. No Municipal Palace. And, the cathedral is a block away. The […]

The End of the Beach at the End of the Street…Vallarta

When “Home” is where most people seem to be on vacation…

Puerto Vallarta is a short three hour flight from Denver. It is due south. In fact, Denver and Puerto Vallarta share almost the exact same longitude. Certainly not the latitude, though. And, certainly not the attitude. Thanks to Jimmy Buffett for making that point! This is not the first time we have stayed for many […]