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Point of View…from La Cruz and the World!

Quite a week. But, a quiet week in La Cruz. This is the second time we have lived out of the country during the lead-up to a national election. And, I highly recommend it. Of course, we stay connected. I am a bit of a news junkie, political junkie and junkie of all trades somewhat […]

We don’t usually talk about this, but…

A rare, and brief, Denver by the Slice political commentary is called for in the wake of this year’s election outcome. Viewing the process from abroad, we were able to avoid the last several weeks of partisan shouting for attention in the swing state of Colorado. But, the election was big news in France, with […]

With “6 More Weeks of Winter” Set to Begin This Afternoon…It’s Time to Plan Dinner!

It’s Groundhog Day. And, we know our fate. Today’s soundbite came not from a politician, but from a rodent prognosticator from Pennsylvania. And, we invite comparisons. At any rate, this furry fatty emerged from a hole, surveyed his surroundings at Gobblers’ Nob and, upon noticing that the sun was out, declared, through his publicist,┬áthe seasonal […]