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Denver by the Slice Purchased by Google in Surprise Move!

What could be better? After a whopping 681 original article postings since its inception in December of 2009, the blog about living in Downtown Denver, and elsewhere of late, has been sold. To the highest bidder. And a high one it is! Google announced today the purchase of the Denver by the Slice portfolio which, […]

Ketchup on Pizza…and At Least Two Dozen Other Things Learned from Living in Croatia for Three Months

Arriving in Croatia just before New Year’s, we really knew nothing about it. This is where we could spend some time in “exile” waiting out the mandatory 90 days out of the EU, required for those, like us, traveling with just a passport. And, everyone we knew who had been to Croatia had been there […]

It Just Seems Like a Soup Dumpling Kind of Day!

Who wouldn’t miss Cholon’s Soup Dumplings? A real standout in Lower Downtown’s offering of three basic food groups: Tacos, Sushi and, of course, Pizza. One of each on every block, often on the sidewalk. Watch your step!


What Does June 12 Mean to You?

Sure, most of us probably think of June 12 in one way or another, or not. But, for those of you stuck on June 12 as the birthdate of George H.W. Bush in 1924 (not to be confused with Bush 43, a.k.a. “W”), or “shot from Downtown” sportscaster Marv Albert of the Albert family of sportscasters, in […]

The Weekend Starts with Art and Closes With a Bang!

If you stay in town for this Memorial Day Weekend, you’ll have plenty of company. If you walk over the bridges to Highlands, you can get a great ice cream! The Downtown Denver Arts Festival opens today, Friday, and runs through Monday afternoon at the Pavilions. Here’s a link to their website where you can […]

In Breaking International Food News for Downtown Denver…Ghugi Ghives Up the Ghost, Tsunami of Sushi About to Wash Over LoDo…and, Whither Boney’s?

India House on Blake Street has closed. Ghugi Singh shuttered the place after dinner last Saturday night, nearly 20 years after it re-opened as India House. Before 1993, a dark cavernous space was also operated by Singh, the Delhi Darbar. The re-model was elegant, bright and very well designed. The food was terrific! We noticed the […]