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Parallel Parking Downtown. It’s hard sometimes to get a table at this restaurant. Parking can also be a problem. The only casualty in this attempt, besides the Audi, was the nice Curtis Street District signpost. We don’t know how the meal was.

The Colorado Rockies, Parked Deep in the Cellar, Think They Just Need More…Parking?

At this writing, the Colorado Rockies, reported to be a Major League Baseball Team, have the second worst record in all of baseball. Only Houston is more humid, and worse off. No other team in baseball this season has had more runs scored against it. But, fear not, the Rockies seem always to be looking […]

Parking Meters Staying Overnight Tonight!

These are some Smart Meters! They even have their own website. And, there, you can read the rules for the long-awaited Overnight Parking On the Streets of Downtown which begins tonight. The city has figured out which days to sweep which sides of the street, told the meters, and now people, partiers and guests have […]