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What is the Oxford Hotel Up To Now?

You have to pay attention to the window displays at the historic Oxford. They are…well…fascinating. This is just a small part of the current offering which also features a B-Cycle with a basket full of malt beverage ready to go on a run, as well as other difficult-to-explain configurations of various items found in rooms […]

Downtown Dog Sniffs Out Cookie, Criminals and, Now, an Award Nomination!

Wazee is a 6-year old golden lab who spends Monday through Friday at work. Work at the Rockmount Western Wear store, that is, usually in close proximity to owner Steve Weil. Well, you may have missed the Denver Post story about Wazee¬†published last Thanksgiving. Seems some scofflaws were in town buying up merchandise with phony […]

Slow News Has Its Day…and A Fine Window Display!

If you wander by the Oxford Hotel in LoDo on a regular basis, you may not always notice the large decorated window just east of the entrance. You should.¬†That window features changing¬†installations relevant to holidays, events, historical themes or just spontaneous art. If you wander by there now, be sure to notice. The set designers […]

‘Tis the Season…Oxford Decorates Living Room Today!

The Victorian lobby of the Oxford Hotel in Lower Downtown is taking on a new look…today! Decorations are going up for the holidays, and this year the theme looks bright and white. At the center of the visual feast is a new carousel, working and moving, built and designed by hotel engineer Mike Michna, last […]

Places to Go…”DBTS” Visits the Men’s Room

We all have favorites. Favorite restaurant. Favorite bar. Favorite patio. Favorite beer. Favorite song, team, book or nook. Well, when you think about it, you probably have your favorite W.C. as well. The one at the next place you’re going instead of the same old just functional boring space where you are. We don’t purport […]