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Labor Pains. Making the Most of a French Strike

It was bound to happen. Living in and around France for the past several months yielded plenty of opportunities to have life disrupted by one of the frequent French strikes. The labor unions of France regularly stage work slowdowns or stoppages to protest what they consider to be unfair regulations, mostly those which the government […]

A Street Sign in Nice

Denver by the Slice Opens “City Desk, Cote d’Azur”!

Lest you think we’re spending all of our time lugging around baguettes or ogling the works of Dufy, Miro, Chagall or Matisse…we are at work as well. Most of it is done on and off line where we are living. But, on occasion we choose to staff our new City Desk in the center of […]

Denver by the Slice…Goes Abroad!

We’ll be posting next week from the area of Nice, France. We’re going to live there for a short while and, then, move on. And, we’re likely to draw some informative and entertaining comparisons between that life and life in Downtown Denver. We’ll be cooking regional dishes, shopping the vegetable and fish markets, and immersing […]