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Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher Speaks Out!

He has a great booming voice. He is a native of North Denver and a lover of Downtown Denver. He can take you on a memorable narrated tour of the city and the Historic District. He is a true orator. And,¬†Dennis Gallagher¬†is mad! About the Stock Show’s possible move to a place called Aurora. In […]

Two Parades for the Price of One!

Year to year, the Stock Show Parade stays pretty much the same. A couple of wagons at the front and streetsweepers bringing up the rear. The longhorn steers walk in tight formation down 17th Street followed by lots of horses, a few tractors and Ronald McDonald. The parade which starts at Union Station runs just […]

It’s S..S..S..S..Snowing! And, Here are S..S..S..Some Things to Think About While It’s Coming Down.

So, we finally are getting some snow in Downtown. Cold to follow. Just brings to mind a few other things, all starting with the letter “S” that are at least as fun as watching Downtown turn into a frozen paradise. Station Lights. They’ll look their best in the snow. Except for that goofy tree thing […]