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If You are Wondering What to Have for Lunch Today in Lodo…

Two Reasons…Besides the Good Food and Friendly Service…to Enjoy Mangiamo Pronto!

  Mangiamo Pronto, at 17th and Wazee, recently expanded their menu to include more features, more pasta dishes and new panini combinations. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, Monday thru Saturday. There is no better place in LoDo to enjoy great coffee, inside or out. Try it this Saturday afternoon! And, then, you have to see […]

Have a Good Weekend! Have a Good Dinner!

Crowds aplenty, again. People’s Fair at the Civic Center. Rockies trying to roll the Dodgers. Chalk Arts Festival at Larimer Square. Count on a thunderstorm! Or just enjoy a most pleasant setting…and delicious, reasonably priced food…at Mangiamo Pronto across from the Oxford Hotel. A real locals’ “find” for food and atmosphere. Enjoy it. And, be careful […]

You’re Asking: “Who’s Really Responsible for the Pizzafication of Lower Downtown?”

(Editor’s Note: Denver by the Slice, though you might think so, has never really covered pizza. In whole or in part.) You, like us, are wondering just what has caused Lower Downtown to be suddenly inundated by pizza places. New places in old spaces are running three-to-one for pizza. Let’s answer the blame question first. This woman. Queen Margherita […]

Places to Go…”DBTS” Visits the Men’s Room

We all have favorites. Favorite restaurant. Favorite bar. Favorite patio. Favorite beer. Favorite song, team, book or nook. Well, when you think about it, you probably have your favorite W.C. as well. The one at the next place you’re going instead of the same old just functional boring space where you are. We don’t purport […]

Oh, No! Not Another Tie!

Once in a while, an actual work of art shows up as a holiday window display. Check out the “tree” in the window of Gentleman’s Quarters near 17th and Wazee. We’ll get a picture on this site in a day or so…but we’ve been kind of tied up. Gentleman’s Quarters, by the way, is right next […]