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Is it fair to compare LoDo, RiNo, or LoHi to our current neighborhood…NoBu?

NoBu (North of¬†Bucerias) We were feeling a bit adrift down here in La Cruz, always reading about the latest trend, restaurant, rent outrage or neighborhood mayhem back in LoHi. Or, RiNo. Or, LoDo. (You know who you are.) So, we came up with our own catchy neighborhood name, NoBu. Because we are, in fact, just […]

Artist and Commission. “Golden Seed” by Diane Huntress now adorning full lobby wall in the beautifully restored historic Rocky Mountain Seed Company building at 1520 Market Street in LoDo.

Under The Mall today…Be careful crossing the streets, especially if you’re reading a brand new book!

While thousands attended the out back ribbon cutting for the shiny new bus station, workers out front are still trying to figure out the jigsaw puzzle that came in a big box labeled “Wynkoop Plaza Water Feature”.

Our Annual Message to Downtown Denver Residents Regarding St. Patrick’s Day. Leave!

It’s that time of the year again. Lower Downtown’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This Saturday. The only day of the year that the keepers of Wines off Wynkoop know for sure that they will have to throw someone out of the store. The only day of the year that a putrid lake of waste forms […]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Rocking ‘n’ Rolling Through Downtown Saturday Morning…Early!

Don’t worry. Those cheerleaders on the corner, under your window…the band at the intersection on Blake Street…they’ll all be gone early in the day. This year’s version of the very corporate Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon starts at the Civic Center with a bike ride beginning at 6:45 and the actual running starting at 7:15. By […]

Signs You May Be in Downtown Denver

We’ll miss the space, but maybe not the sign. And, we certainly won’t miss these signs so ubiquitous around the Union Station construction. If you’re wondering why all this stuff about “missing”, ¬†here’s a link to the post from yesterday.