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RTD Gets Its Train Back Together Again!

Light Rail service returned to the Lower Downtown area today with the opening of the new LRT Platform, part of the FasTracks program and Union Station re-development. Good to see! Monday mornings should all be spent with brass bands, speechifying and all the usual suspects in attendance.  Now the trains run again, and the shuttle is […]

Downtown Traffic Alert: RTD Sends People Back to Their Cars!

Traffic. It’s a rare day of living Downtown that goes by without seeing a wreck, a near wreck, a near collision between car and pedestrian, an actual collision between car and person, or bus and person or bicycle, or bicycle and person. At the very least, every day will show the Downtown pedestrian as either very careful […]

Union Station/Light Rail…On the Radio Today!

Click here for the NPR story about Light Rail, and a lot about Light Rail in Denver, along with Union Station. NPR quality…give it a listen!