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What we found at this year’s Chalk Art Festival in Larimer Square…

We found chalk on the street. And some weed. And, more chalk on the street…this by artist Martin Calamino. And, this by artist, muralist and tattoo designer Daniel Chavez. Huge crowds cooking in the sun. With crowds of dogs just cooking. Friendly locals and a few nuts. And, even more chalk on the street. This, […]

Here’s What We Saw at the Larimer Square Chalk Arts Festival Sunday!

and…there in the middle of the street on a hot, sunny day, amidst all those baking and burning┬ápeople shuffling slowly between patches of chalky cement pushing a record number of baby carriages while draining Big Gulps and bottled water and before the annual threat of a street cleansing and art-altering┬áthunderstorm…were the wieners!

The Weekend Starts with Art and Closes With a Bang!

If you stay in town for this Memorial Day Weekend, you’ll have plenty of company. If you walk over the bridges to Highlands, you can get a great ice cream! The Downtown Denver Arts Festival opens today, Friday, and runs through Monday afternoon at the Pavilions. Here’s a link to their website where you can […]

Bright New Look on Blake Street!

In a sea of restaurant comings and goings Downtown, here comes a dog. A very good dog! TD’s All-American Hot Dogs and Hamburgers will open later this week in the space formerly darkened by Marrakesh. That’s in the food block of Blake Street between 15th and 16th. And, what a change to that space it […]