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Zer Gut! Cafe Berlin Now Open on 16th Street Mall!

It took longer than expected. Most good things do. But, now that Cafe Berlin is settled in its new space at 16th and Champa, we can get back to our wienerschnitzel, our spaetzle, and, of course, our Paulaner! Marlene Garrett, owner of Cafe Berlin, spent some anxious extra weeks of remodel between the closing of […]

Berlin on the Move Again…But, Primetime Runs Out for PrimeBar

In today’s Denver Post, Penny Parker is reporting that PrimeBar, at 16th and Arapahoe, has closed. That’s a large, sprawling space that was trying to be a gathering place/sports bar/casual restaurant, and, frankly, failing at all three. And, the fact that it has closed before New Year’s is unusual, as most places try to at […]