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Labor Pains. Making the Most of a French Strike

It was bound to happen. Living in and around France for the past several months yielded plenty of opportunities to have life disrupted by one of the frequent French strikes. The labor unions of France regularly stage work slowdowns or stoppages to protest what they consider to be unfair regulations, mostly those which the government […]

A Street Sign in Nice

We don’t usually talk about this, but…

A rare, and brief, Denver by the Slice political commentary is called for in the wake of this year’s election outcome. Viewing the process from abroad, we were able to avoid the last several weeks of partisan shouting for attention in the swing state of Colorado. But, the election was big news in France, with […]

Nope, still haven’t seen a Broncos jersey.

One month in…or, depending on your viewpoint, one month out. Tout va bien. When we moved out of the country, arriving in France on October 1, we knew only where we were staying for the month. Not much else. Oh, a little French, food we knew we liked, a few places we’d been before. And, […]

Coohills 1400 to Open this Fall. By the Creek!

Watch for this new restaurant from Tom and Diane Coohill at 1400 Wewattta. Construction in the space is well underway now, and the owners are hoping for an early November debut. The location is at the Southwest corner of the 1400 Wewatta building, nicely off the street and overlooking Cherry Creek. The menu promises to […]